CANABIDOL 300mg CBD Capsules

  • Grown & manufactured within the UK.
  • Full lab report to coinside with the product.
  • Great for people who dislike the taste of CBD Oils.
  • Fast & efficient way to take CBD.
  • Great value for money product - 30 capsules containing 10mg each inside each packet.

Canabidol's new & improved CBD capsules have now been released to combat peoples hate of tasting traditional CBD oil. These are a fast & friendly way of taking CBD products without having any mess whatsoever.

All products featured from Canabidol are family friendly & will not produce a high of any sort whilst using these products meaning you can continue about your daily business as required with no side effects.

Clarity from seed to shelf is what Canabidol stand for & you see this throughout the entire process. From the very planting of the seed to the selling of the oil, Canabidol have a guaranteed quality control system which ensures the customer receives the perfect product.

Our products are fully natural - featuring no external chemicals to interfere with the product/CBD contained within.