CANABIDOL CBD Cacao-Tab (White Chocolate) White Chocolate CBD Edible

  • Canabidol's new & tastier edition of the CBD Gel-Tab
  • Full lab report to coinside with the product.
  • A new take on one of the world's only accurate, single dosage CBD delivery methods.
  • Provides one of the best product to CBD intake ratios available due to the method of taking the product (sublingual)
  • Highly concentrated CBD content within a small package.
  • Made using the body's soul food - Chocolate!
  • Full spectrum blend containing between 10mg active CBD per tablet to 50mg active CBD per tablet.

Canabidol's exclusive new take on the popular CBD Gel-Tab is the brand new line of Cacao-Tab's. These are a new, tasty delivery method ensuring you get your CBD & chocolate fix for the day!

The Cacao-Tab also dissolves faster than the Gel-Tab due to its chocolatey structure!

Simply pop a Cacao-Tab under your tongue, hold it there for 5-10 minutes as it dissolves & then swallow any remaining contents. Another very useful tip may be to throw this in with a cup of tea/coffee which includes milk. Hot water will efficiently dissolve the tab whilst the milk will provide a surface for the cannabinoid content to latch on to to ensure the best levels of absorption are withheld.

Canabidol is one of the UK's leading & oldest brands - having been around over 3 years now we are certainly not seeing the brand go away anytime soon. These Cacao-Tabs grow in popularity every single day.