HARMONY Clarity Terpenes Cannabis Terpenes

  • 5ml Bottles
  • 0% THC, CBD
  • 0% PG/VG
  • 100% Legal Worldwide
  • No alcohol, no animal extracts
  • USP / food grade ingredients
  • Diacetyl free
  • Dilute before use

Available in 10 hand blended terpene profiles, Clarity terpenes gives you access to the aromatic profiles of the top cannabis strains in the world.

Harmony single out raw materials that represent the truest expression of nature—hand selected, with zero traces of cannabinoids.

This product is not an e-liquid. It is 100% Pure Aroma. Never drink, vape, or apply to skin directly without dilution.

Recommended Use

E-liquids & Extracts: When using a standard 10mL bottle we recommend adding .05-.15mL of your terpene blend which is approx. 2-6 drops

Aromatherapy: For use in aroma or electric diffusers add 4-5 drops per 400mL of water. 

Herbs & Flowers: To infuse your herb, flowers or buds with your favourite terpene profile you will need a jar and paper towel. For best results, don’t put terpenes directly onto your buds, just add a few drops to the towel, add your buds and towel to the jar, and let it sit for at least 24 hours.