Smok Mini V2 A1

SMOK Mini V2 A coils are built with medicinal grade antibacterial cotton for superior wicking speed and excellent liquid absorption. 

These coils utilize an ultra-fine metal mesh that provides a larger surface area for heating when compared to standard coils. 

This mesh design is perfect for creating dense and flavourful clouds of vapor. 

SMOK Mini V2 A1 coils have a resistance of 0.17 ohm and are to be used at 90-140 watt outputs. For optimal performance, SMOK recommends you use these coils between 110 and 130W outputs.

The Mini V2 A2 coils utilize dual heating cores and have a resistance of 0.2ohm and can be used at 70-120 watt outputs, though for best performance are recommended for use between 85 and 105W outputs.

SMOK Mini V2 A3 coils have three heating cores, providing instantaneous heating and incredible volumes of vapor. A3 coils can be used at 80-130W, but for optimal performance are best used between 100-120W.